Bow Down To Factory

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The big news they were sitting on at Factory certainly won’t disappoint you, as this city’s creative community starts to crane its collective neck in the direction of 1037-B Broadway wondering what’s next for this white-hot shop. Here it is straight from the pages of Adweek.

BOSTON Seeking a shop steeped in new media as it prepares to press further into the ski and snowboard marketplace, The North Face has tapped Factory Design Labs to handle its ad account following a review.

The San Leandro, Calif.-based retailer of outdoor gear and clothing had previously worked with DDB’s office in Seattle. That shop did not defend, and other review contenders were not disclosed.

North Face spent $4 million last year and $2 million during the first eight months of 2007 in domestic measured media, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. That figure should more than double moving forward, said Joe Flannery, client vp, marketing.


SCORE!! Well, if you’re looking for a Writer/ACD, I sent my book to Krista on Monday…(sorry about the shameless plug). Congrats Factory!

God damn, you guys rule. Unstoppable now.

It seems like they need one or two more solid designers and then, they will be truly unstoppable.

what’s the point of the first comment? i know who you are anyway. you gave yourself away, name dropper. does Integer know you’re looking? what will they do when I tell them? muuuwaaaahhhhaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa

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