New Sister Sites From Factory

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Just as the flakes begin to fall from the heavens in them there hills, so too do these stunning new ski mountain sites courtesy of Factory Labs.

Let there be no doubt after perusing Free Your Mountain for Copper and Legendary Moment for Winter Park that Factory is now standing atop the interactive mountain in our city (and beyond) with few others standing next to them. The rest of us have a lot of climbing to do.


Beautiful. Borderline chub inducing. Then again I expect nothing less from Factory.

I hope I speak for everyone when I say Factory has really been impressing me lately.

Bring on a few creatives who can really add some more concept to the work, combine it with their amazing design/interactive skills and watch out, they could be huge.

Any word on their “huge” announcement?

Man. Those sites are awful! I can’t believe everyone’s sitting here just sucking Factory’s dick. So apparently unrefined, collagey, memory-sucking flash sites are the future of design? Are you kidding! What is the design shelf-life of these sites, honestly? They’re ripping styles from 5 years ago. This is otherwise known as trendy design, not trend-setting. And another thing – since when did the Egotist go from thinking Factory had no good qualities (one of their 1st posts about the company, which has conveniently been retired) to thinking they’re holding the bar? Puke.

Not sure about these sites – no concept and just design for design sake.

Sounds like Simon needs a hug.

Yeah, I agree with Simon. The design/concept of the work at Factory is lacking big time. It’s slick and well built but there’s nothing interesting or special about the design. Pedestrian if you ask me. The image, management and sales team at Factory is really what it’s all about – the DESIGN itself… secondary.

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