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As complex online offerings begin to emerge as the mainstay for the majority of brands, it’s imperative to have the programmer that can turn those wacky ideas in your brain into an on-screen reality. Joe Mease is the man for the job.

He started Xylem Interactive and now he’s working on his own as a consistent programming force for the best interactive agencies in town – the guy behind the guys if you will. Check out The Sprinkler Patrol Game he developed collaboratively with Sukle, Guiceworks and Collective Sessions. Or Hang On, the online rock climbing game created for Jacks Links in partnership with XylemCCI. Or the online portfolio site of designer Andy Titus, brilliant in its simplicity and function.

Go to Joe, Denver. He’s the newest programmer on our list of Recommended Talent. Go to Joe.


Man. I thought I knew this town pretty well. Then you guys find talent like this. Good stuff.

Thanks for the support guys, it is most appreciated!

If you thought you knew this town pretty well and you’ve never heard of Joe Meese, then you my friend, don’t know shit. This is Denver interactive design/development at it’s finest. Much of what Xylem lays claim to (the Noodles web site for example) as their own creations, would not have happened without Joe.

Mease, start your own agency, build the “Factory Killer” team. We need some competition!

I guess your wish was granted. Check out the HIM Creative announcement. ‘Factory Killer’ is probably a bit premature but a weak agency like Xylem CCI could quickly feel this pinch.

Every agency in town has talked about building the ‘Factory Killer’ team for years around here. And they all call it that too… do you people call each other each morning and talk about what you’re going to wear too? Read the same BLOG maybe? Asshats. It’s good for the spirit of the city to have a sense of friendly competition but no one is this goofy village is even close to putting a dent in the Factory armor. They are an incredibly well run and well managed group of talented people with years of experience at being the best. Nuff Said.

Honestly, I hold no ill will towards any of the agencies here in Denver, I just wanna do my thing, work on fun projects, and try to push the envelope where I can.

The reality is, the more national brands that agencies like Factory, Xylem, Texture, and hopefully Him Creative can engage, the more of a player Denver will be as a whole in the interactive vertical, and the better it is for everyone in our community.



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