TDA On The Big Idea with Donny D.

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You either like Donny Deutsch or you don’t. TDA is still deciding.

Donny gives the Boulder shop props as well as questioning some intricacies of their recent packaging design for Bot, a new, low-sugar fortified water for kids, during his “Will Your Idea Stand Out” segment in the clip below. He makes some good points – likely already heavily considered during development though, Donster.


Not to sure about mister “wisdom” as of yet.. But I think his advice is hilarious. Leave it up to this guy to tell some how to sell more beverages to kids with car salesman jargon. “20% less and 80%better” sounds like Dealin’ Doug. I think TDA did good, I just think it needs to be grown/ cultured a little bit more..

i’m amazed ‘know it all’ shoenie didn’t make the suggestion himself, he of someone of his ‘wisdom’ should have made the recomendation of better product description in the launch stages of a product…drop it later once the brand is established and people know what it is. ...‘Dealin Donnie’ is wiser than most of us… and has the business success to back it up.

tip of the hat to tda and bot. sounds like a great product. the name is fantastic.

My kids love Bot… Bot is good… much props to tda and spillt…

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