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The first post for Create and Connect was on October, 5th, so we’re a month late on this announcement. Seems like every big player in town is jumping on this blog train, and for good reason. It’s so much easier than updating the corporate site with new work all the time.

If you’re out there reading our site from Karsh, Pure, Cactus or Sukle, do you guys feel like the energy and time put into maintaining a blog has been beneficial to your shops?


Funny you ask. I am currently pondering the same question. My best answer is, the time we invest in our blog purethinking.typepad.com is worthwhile to the extent that our readers find it entertaining and useful. Now, if I could figure out who our readers are, I’d ask them. So, if you read our blog, who are you and what do you want with us?

Um, question for you Gregg – if you’re serious about blogging, why would you host your blog on Typepad? Buy a domain and get that thing in-house before you write another post! You’re not doing yourself any favors by having a externally hosted blog.

Just saying…

gregg, do you mean people actually read your self-serving drivel?

Gregg, here’s our perspective for what it’s worth.

No one cares what your URL is or where your site is hosted – only that your content is meaningful and that they can’t get it anywhere else. The fact that you’re wondering who is reading your site makes us wonder if you had a grand scheme for your blog before you started it to draw the people in that you want to be there – or whether it was just put up without a plan and a vision.

Did you write a creative brief? What about a manifesto? We get teased for ours, but that’s what we did. And it’s been helpful.

Either way, you’ve sunk a lot of time and effort into getting the site up and keeping it up. So, here’s a suggestion for a way to focus the content.

Creativemandenver up there says you’re self-serving. We hardly think that’s been the case so far. And would push for you to be even more so. Let’s face it, you’re never going to be the site for the newest, coolest. But when you are reporting on something interesting you’ve uncovered, be absolutely sure you’re giving people the Pure perspective on it. You talk about the “pure idea” on the homepage of your corporate site. Show us examples of what you mean via your blog, whether it’s talking about the client work you’ve done or other ideas floating around out there that match your thinking.

It’s our belief that agencies who choose to launch a blog should use it to deepen people’s understanding of their philosophy. So give that to us.

Every agency in town (make that, around the world) will soon realize the value of keeping up a blog. Carve your niche out before they come.

Thanks for the link. Blogs are an important part of global conversation and culture. Agencies don’t have to keep blogs, but they do have to understand that they understand the give-and-take that is Web 2.0. A blog is a simple way to begin that process.

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