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We were hoping this would happen the day Crispin Porter + Bogusky opened their office in Boulder. We had our fingers crossed that monstrously talented people would come for CP+B and decide to stay in Colorado if it didn’t work out at the agency. Our wish is beginning to come true.

Ashley Billings is a new-breed creative – schooled at the Creative Circus, CP+B, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and Publicis Seattle to attack client problems by any means necessary. That is to say, the concept and the media used become interwoven, inseparable and integral to the messaging.

Check out the DVD below created to go inside VW dealerships. It was given to people interested in purchasing a Certified Pre-Loved Volkswagen. The creative team hired an actual Private Investigator who went through several different Pre-Loved Volkswagens in order to determine who the previous owner was.

The second piece is for in which stickers were placed over mirrors removing the person from the reflection. Super smart work. Please welcome Ashley as the newest writer to join our list of Recommended Talent. She’s one of the best freelancers to come through our site in a long time and we’re damn glad she’s arrived.


She’s great. We’ve worked with her.

Steve/ Egotist.. I know we’re runnin on “E” for denver designers in the talent list. Factory is killin’ it… Where are all of the Factory employees.. Thats half the reason Factory is killin’ it!? I hope people are not being added to the list purposefully, in order to hide the talent or because think they come off as a “searching to find a new home” designer. People and their talent should be celebrated openly no matter where they work or how much they love their place of employment..

Maybe if everyone that was worth a damn got put on here, it could create a little talent competition.. Get some people paid the way they should and so on.. Denver isn’t terrible about paying people adequately but with the work that is coming into town nowadays, where the hell is the pay increase..

Oh, I don’t know. As a copywriter, I think the collection of writers the Egotist has composed is pretty tight. Also, I think the purpose of the list is to put freelancers and/or the unemployed on here. In many ways, it may have helped as Mike King found a home at Factory. But as far as I know, agency employees aren’t necessarily on here.

Thiw seems to have gotten off track. I’d like to redirect this thread back to the celebration of Ashley Billings, who from the looks of this work, deserves some celebration.

Ashley deserves a hi-five for sure.

I am not only talking about writers.

The talent list is close to half agency people.

I am only stating that there is a lot of unforeseen and unacknowledged talent in our shiny little town.

The comment section is the only place I have to create forum that I personally think pertains most specifically to the theme and slogan of this site. I am only doing what I can to bring notice to potentially deserving people.

Thanks for keeping us in check Bill. Hi-five Ashley.

Don’t hate me because Im beautiful or say things outloud.

Her work is awesome. Props to Ashley.

Jay- you’re right, this site is a major reason why i’m over at factory now. but i think it would be nice to put other writers on it, even if they are employed (just like the designers list).

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