What Would You Ask Norm?

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We’re prepping for our next interview with Norm Shearer, Cactus’ CD. Is there anything you’d like to know from him? Throw your questions under this post for our consideration.


How many jobs does he think he will aim to create in the next year?

What might he do to spark additional interest in Cactus on the client side?

Are there any accounts he has his eye on?

What is one thing he would do differently if he could.. As a CD and a business person?

Where does he see Denver’s market pros and cons, on both, talent and an accounts side…?

If he could be one other place as a CD, in the US, where would it be and why?

One piece of advice to a creative in regards to appealing to Cactus?

One thing he wishes Denver could offer that it doesn’t have or there isn’t enough of?

i thought the interview with steve was great and asking him straight up about the style vs concept issue with their work was fantastic. along that same vein i would ask norm about the anti-smoking campaign. they are getting a lot of attention for it and it is definitely very creative, but does it work? after all it is an anti-smoking campaign that doesn’t ever really say “don’t smoke.” does the target audience get it? what are they using to judge the success of the campaign?

i look forward to it.

I thought I saw Norm carrying a guitar around denver 2 years ago, followed by some dork with a boom box and a video camera. They appeared to be dancing and singing and frankly, looked kind of gay. Was that Norm?

nevermind, i just got through the agency of the year comments… i withdraw my previous questions.

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