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Gritty, prolific, eye-popping style we just hunger to see more of in this barren wasteland. Currently working the day (and night) shift at Cactus, Chris Cox is dropping mad design wherever he treads. We proudly welcome him to our list of Recommended Talent. We shoved him in our designer category, but clearly he’s so much more when you take a gander at his site. Hope Cactus has him working on the Colorado lottery account they just landed. Denver, what can he do for you?


Sweet, good on ya Chris Cox.

I’ve heard he’s huuuuuuggggggeeeee in Japan.

BTW...sweet drips and skulls.

Also…no more wearing the sideways all-black “LA Do-yers” hat in public, it’s just embarrassing.

Wow, holy crap. Thank you so much. This is unexpected. I really appreciate the comments. I wish I was huge in Japan, if only they would buy my t-shirts. Also, I started wearing the LA hat to workout in now, so it’s all gnarly and sweaty. You won’t see me sporting in in public anymore.

Hahaha!!! Good work seriously, keep it up!

By the way, Chris, congrats for your mention in Juxtapoz. That’s a really huge deal. For the rest, check it out at in the “Current” section.

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