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Two days ago a post went live that was more negative in nature than it needed to be. We strive to be honest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have tact. As we’re sure you’re aware, The Egotist is brought to you through the combined efforts of a small handful of people. The contributor who wrote that specific post has been fired from the group and will no longer be allowed to participate. We apologize for any discomfort or annoyance that this issue has caused.

Also, we would like to note that we will soon be adding Mr. Espinoza to our list of Recommended Talent for Motion work.

– The Denver Egotist


Nice work.

Come on guys. If you fire a writer every time a few people get upset by a post you’ll be out of contributors in no time. I’m glad you wrote a small apology trying to repair the issue, but to actually let go of someone…?

People on here are obviously getting all worked up because they’re either friends with “espi” or have worked with him in some form. But man, what is the big deal? His work is MEDIOCRE, stop fooling yourselves.

And bring back the s@#t-talking writer, i enjoy reading honest opinions.

How would anyone know if that person was “fired” anyway? How does anyone know if people for (or against) anything on this site aren’t the writers themselves, acting under random handles?

I’m sure there will be a witty comment in reply to this. Maybe it’s one of the blogger folk? Maybe I’m a blogger folk?

Correct. Welcome to the internet.

If you read the latest editorial posted, “advice on starting a blog” you’ll see that this is either a joke, or a really unfortunate coincidence.


freakin’ classic… tears of laughter. well played my friend, well played.

I love that most of you commenting here aren’t even man/woman enough to write your names.

What? Are you scared that I might find you out at the Hi-Dive and I may call you out on your shit?

You are scared. And spineless.

And I laugh at your idiocy.

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