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The saying "Jack of all trades" can sum up my experience throughout my life. At first I perceived this as a weakness, but then as I began to experience more, I saw that my knowledge of other skills were greater than many of my peers who were studying . I used this to my advantage and began to work harder on learning other technologies that could increase my design skills. I now consider being a “jack of all trades” as a strength , I am a quick learner and with my knowledge of many technologies I am able to reach goals that I once thought were impossible. My goals are to be able to manage an interactive design department bridging the gap between designers and programmers and creating new and exciting sites. I am constantly trying to learn new languages and train myself to code in unique ways with different technologies, pushing the boundaries of UI and information architecture. I believe the only way to truly immerse the viewer in your project is to know all of the technologies available and how to create a diverse interactive experience. I am a graduate of the University of North Texas ("Go Mean Green") with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.


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Dallas, Texas


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