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I have over 7 years of direct marketing experience on a variety of different levels. I first started my marketing career at a start-up in charge of brand development. I used market research and testing to develop a selling plan - where to sell our products, how much, what product attributes were seen as value-adding, how do consumers currently perceive our product offerings? While I was there, revenues increased by more than double in 2 years. I used that experience and business model to launch my own company, Ravenous Chocolate, which saw remarkable growth and success in and around Vail and then Boulder/Denver where I relocated to. I grew that company from revenues in the 000's to revenues in the $100,000's in just under 14 months. To do this I used social media and advertising to affect consumer perception, never changing any product attributes. I also designed packaging and other campaigns and collaborated with an outside firm for more advanced identity creation. In 2010, I sold the assets of the company, retaining all of its IP. The areas of segmentation, targeting and positioning are those that I excel at - who are we trying to reach? What makes that group desirable? How do we reach them?


Jeremy S Yarsin

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Boulder, CO


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