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I am an energetic public and media relations professional who is passionate about telling your story. Why is story telling important? Stories connect us and your story is what makes you unique. In the day and age of normal getting you nowhere and "unique" being a bankable way to grow your business, you need to connect with the right audiences. The hard part is finding the right stories to tell about you, your organization, and your clients. That's where I come in. I spent eight years in TV newsrooms big and small perfecting the art of telling and writing all kinds of stories on TV, online, on social media, blogging, and using just about any other medium you can think of. All of these skills served me very well as I transitioned to the world of non-profit media and public relations. My media background of knowing what journalists need and knowing how to best get it to them translated into a solid track-record of media placements on TV, in print, online, and in business/trade publications. I also got a lot of experience designing a media/communiucations plan for the Southern Colorado region. This included handling local crisis communications efforts with poise and grace. In addition, I planned, oversaw, and executed more than 30 fundraising events. Are you doing cool stuff? If so, I want to hear about it and help you spread the word. Positioning your business or that of your clients as innovative leaders in their respective fields is what I am all about. Do you need to know how to handle reporters or speak in sound bites? I can help you do that. Do you want to position yourself, your company, or your respective clients as experts in a field? Let's talk about getting you onto the radar screens of editors and reporters. As a former reporter, I can truly tell you journalists are always searching for some kind of expert on a wide range of topics. Being quoted or featured on a TV news story as an expert in your field is a great way to grow your brand, develop/manage your brand image, and increase awareness of your company. Sometimes, the little things you are already doing are newsworthy, you just might need someone to point them out. Are you afraid of the Twitterverse, Facebook, or blogging? Don't be! I helped develop organization wide strategic social media plans. In short, no matter who you want to connect with I probably have some good ideas about how to make that happen and make it happen right the first time. Your Mom was right, you really do only get one shot at making a first impression.


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