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Great experience design should blow minds while being unobtrusive to the point of invisibility. It should empower in the same way that driving a high-performance sports car can make you feel like you're one with the road. It should let you achieve a zen-like absorption in the moment and the experience (see Csikszentmihalyi on "Flow") Here are some of my guiding principles: - Trust your design instincts, but always validate with data. - Be committed to user-centered design, but don't be afraid to take users beyond what they think they want. - Be holistic in your approach. No one is "just" a programmer, or "just" a designer. - Be entrepreneurial. Every day is a job interview. I am a tinkerer, creative, engineer, theorist and gutter-tech dumpster diver. I believe equally in the beauty of good design and good code. There's nothing more gratifying than taking a concept from napkin sketch to working prototype and getting a "Wow! How did you do that?"


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Denver, CO


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