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Susan Goddard Photography
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Officially, Susan Goddard Photography creates dryer-fresh advertising, corporate and editorial imagery for advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, and corporations, both public and private. To view my portfolio or to see a partial client list, please visit my website at SGODPHOTO.COM Unofficially, I've lived in the USA for 25 years after narrowly escaping a rainy future in England. I can discuss American politics but not English ones, unless you count the politics of the school playground. I love chess. I've won one lottery (although there was no cash involved, just an elusive Green Card). I play six-degrees-of-separation for fun and find that in Denver, it's usually only two or three degrees (even if it's the President or a Hollywood movie star and sometimes it's one and the same). I am completely in love with my dog, Bodhi, who lives up to his name in every way (a being of wisdom and enlightenment). I am bummed (how's that for eloquence) that neither DaVinci or Einstein are still anchored to Terra Firma because I'd love to meet them, sit around a fountain somewhere (hopefully with an Americano in hand) and ask them what their take is on "Life, The Universe and Everything"... (Thank you Douglas Adams.) I love "MAD MEN", "United States of Tara" and all things "Dexter". And I love being in the business of photography.


Susan Goddard Photography

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Denver, CO


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