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Agus Junaedi – Artist Statement I could consider photography-based digital imaging to be my specialty. But as a graphic designer, probably as with most designers, I am a generalist. I have a broad range of interests, which include typography, typesetting, letterforms, calligraphy and printmaking. Logo making and branding also fascinate me. I have always been captivated by how visual arts can be motivating, provoking and stimulating. I am a visual person, and graphic design is my vehicle to express and communicate. Many elements are involved in graphic design; these include letters and graphics, drawing, illustration, photography or even moving images. What I like about graphic design is that it almost has no boundaries. It involves many different disciplines, and at the same time, it communicates and conveys messages. It starts with an idea; the idea is then translated into a concept using knowledge that most of the time has to be gained by doing some research. The research part can be endless, but it will result in a more in-depth concept. Next comes the fun part: how to present the concept in the most seductive, engaging way possible. It always ends up as a collaboration of many different disciplines: typography, photography, digital retouching, or illustration, etc. All coming together to communicate a message. The final step, which is the production part, gives me more excitement, since this is the result of all my effort. My works tend to be clean and thorough. I put as much into it as I possibly can without making it over done, and I pay attention to the detail. As a person who comes from a different cultural background, I find graphic design to be nearly universal. It can speak for itself without language barriers. Some cultural aspects may give influence but it still speaks with the same language, visual language. As a graphic artist, I pride myself on being an absolute perfectionist. In order to ensure that my work is the utmost in quality, I self-evaluate constantly and edit my work continually until I am certain beyond any doubt that the margin for error is zero. It is at that point that I can say without reservation that I have achieved the excellence for which I always strive.


Gus Junaedi

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