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Shaun Boyte
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I am an aspiring director by way of DP. I run a small, documentary production company that focuses on authentic storytelling, Boyte Creative. I am turning my focus to the outdoor and athletic genres, really trying to spend the next few years building a relationship with the earth and people who embrace it. As well as producing/directing the projects at Boyte Creative, I also freelance as a camera op/DP shooting local broadcast spots, working with agencies around the country. I am always open to assisting, and getting on set/on location any chance I can to learn and grow as much as possible. I have traveled through most of the US filming, a few international trips and am always on the search for work that has added challenges with locations/set-ups. I always try to have a personal project in the works that focuses on positive social change. I have a passion for using the craft I am learning to help those without a voice. Eventually, I would like to venture into narrative and scale a feature length piece.


Shaun Boyte

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