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I am the founder of AWE Collective, a gallery/ multi-use warehouse that was founded on the principle of bringing less-sought-after, yet-highly-talented artists into one space to share each others knowledge and ideas without being consumed with what is considered “mainstream” in the art community. Attendees of the first friday events found pieces from all genres- from oil painting, to acrylics, stenciling, photography and graffiti. It is AWE Collective’s goal to open spectators’ eyes to new genres of works, and make one question what exactly defines art. I am also extremely proficient at marketing and social media. I find the power of the internet to be extraordinary and have learned to make the most of it to promote my own works as well as the work and ideas of others. I am actively seeking a position in this field at a creative firm in Denver. I am also an editorial, portrait and fine art photographer. I studied graphic/ multimedia design and am a total fontophile.


Stephanie Auld

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Denver, CO


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