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The profile owner is an affiliate marketer for Fundinggates, the trusted online consulting agency for receivables management. As a marketer, she is entitled to promote their services to the business owners who are having troubles with their accounts receivables and collections. She aims to improve their online site's findability through the help of her marketing techniques. She interacts and talks with the business owners and introduce to them their consulting service. She is zealous in her marketing career. She likes to work late just to finish the tasks before deadlines. In addition, she works as a writer for the same company providing articles relating to debt collection agency. She likes to impart good ideas and gives useful advices to the clients who need them. She also loves to provide topics regarding business and commerce. She is outgoing person and open-minded as well. She is brilliant and wise. She knows how to handle situations accordingly. She is problem-solver, likes to talk and exchange ideas. She is a trusted friend as well.


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New York, New York 10018


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