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Ron J Van Harpen
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I've been working as a Creative Director; Art Director; Designer; Illustrator and Sculptor since 1992. My experience has been primarily in the realm of New Product development/Consumer Goods--Gift; Seasonal; Toys; Home and Collectibles. But I also have solid experience in conventional Design and Marketing Agency work as well. In addition--I am experienced and at-home as a formal presenter of campaigns and product line launches. Beyond that--I'm a Good Guy! I have great energy which allows me to work hard and to also laugh and have fun with the people I work with AS we are getting the job successfully executed. I've known real career success--both professional and financial, but I come from a very humble background and am not afraid to have to 'prove myself all over again' if the situation would ever merit having to do so. I was raised with solid values; I have never equated money as the yard stick measure to happiness. Happiness is about richness of life--which is I love Colorado!


Ron Van Harpen

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Denver, CO


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