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Rob Mattson is a two-time nominee for the Pulitzer Prize: for team coverage of Hurricane Charley (2004), and for an all-inclusive, two-year study on the state of Florida's citrus industry (2008). He is known for abilities in creative collaboration, as well as in documentary, commercial, sports and lifestyle photography. Mattson has close to 20 years of staff, freelance and contract work in photojournalism, more than five of which was spent on staff with the NY Times Company. His work has appeared in global publications including, but not limited to, the New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Seattle Times, Rolling Stone, Time, Verdant Living, Affarsvarlden (Sweden), Bravo Sport (Germany), the University of Denver, Tufts University and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Research Center. Mattson currently serves as the Amherst College New Media Content Developer, a position that allows him to find and document campus life, activity, events and splendor across still, video, audio, written and multimedia platforms. Work produced thus far has yielded a 238% increase in YouTube viewership and creation of an Instagram account that has close to 700 followers in one year of activity. Rob's always available for shop-talk and coffee, so reach out if you're in the Denver, Colo. or Amherst, Mass areas.


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Denver, Colo./Amherst, Mass.


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