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** I don’t know about you, but I have found that it is far more effective to help others with their issues than it is to help me with me own. For that reason, and the obvious reasons of us living in an era of prolific social & video networking, I created RKM Development. ** RKM Development Specializes in creating Viral Video and Mobile Marketing Strategies, Business Development Networks, Sales, and Audio/Visual, Campaigns that Drive prospects and customers to buy your company’s products and services. ** My professional background lies in 30 years of motion picture production with radio, TV, and major Hollywood production companies. I’ve worked with over 22 Academy Award winning Actors, Producers, and Directors on some of Hollywood’s most notable productions. ** My Marketing and Sales background lies in working for two of the country’s most prestigious financial service providers, Edward Jones Investments and New York Life Insurance Co. ** And, my Business Development background includes 11 years of operating my own Video Production, Marketing and Sales company. ** RKM Development’s network of experts spans the gamut of services needed to design, implement, and manage world class video productions, printed collateral, websites, SEO systems, Social Networking campaigns, Advertising, Sound recordings, Motion Graphics, Google Analytics & Metrics, Research, and DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring. ** Our network creates world class Video content for Mobile Phones, Corporations, Organizations, Movies, Live Camera productions, Broadcasts, and the Internet. ** RKM’s network of experts rents, stages, and operates all audio and visual projection & recording systems for small, medium, and large scaled events at hotels, corporations, and convention centers. ** Feel free to Google me at Robert K. Maxfield, feel free to call me to have coffee or lunch, and definitely contact me at any of the following links. And when you contact me, let me know how I can help you! Robert K. Maxfield RKM Development


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