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I love TV. Often people ask me how I got into advertising and producing television commercials. I usually refer to a marketing class I took in college where we watched a 30-minute video on an advertising agency called Chiat/Day, and how determined I was after watching that video to have a successful career in advertising. As my career has grown over the past 14 years, my passion for television, production, and everything involving this ever-changing industry has become a huge part of who I am. I continue to get excited when sitting in a casting session watching two talented actors make a concept come to life or, when I actualize an estimate and it comes in under budget. I have a career doing what I love and I feel very fortunate for that. There is a comfort and a confidence within me that has made me successful, and I continue to want to be the best producer I can be by learning as much as possible about all aspects of this industry. Which makes me think that it wasn’t that college marketing class or the Chiat/Day Advertising video that fueled my passion for this career choice, but the fact that I grew up watching hours of I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and The Jetsons. I SIMPLY LOVE TV. My career so far has been built on establishing long-lasting relationships with creative teams, vendors, and clients, which has contributed to numerous successful experiences. In July 2006, I was hired to produce a single Charter Communication TV campaign. I translated this opportunity into a three-year long experience producing 12 consecutive quarterly projects and over 300 spots that were developed for cable, broadcast and online campaigns. I welcome the opportunity to start a new experience with your company. I am confident that my qualifications and skills will enhance your company’s abilities, and my personality and professionalism will enrich your working environment. Please visit to review my resume, commercial reel and biography.


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Denver, CO


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