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my name is moe. i am an all around creative person with a passion for architecture and design. i love using my hands to create art, designing clean-modern spaces and utilizing classic furniture. i grew up in Denver and started my creative career as a fine artist but quickly found a love for architecture and interior design. i moved to Chicago to study interior design at Harrington College of Art and Design. after completing my junior year at Harrington, i decided to move back to Denver to study under Julie Pollack who was leading the movement of green design in Denver at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. i choose to study not only interiors for my last year but also sustainable design and graphic design to help my work look as good on paper as i hoped it would in real life. with the structure of Harrington and the free spirit of RMCAD, my design work came full-circle and it is not only clean and modern but fully creative as well. in 2010 i began working at Xan Creative and designing beautiful restaurants, offices, retail locations and lofts around Denver. in 2012 i moved on from Xan and i now spend my days in Denver designing for a small company called Work Shop. i am helping them to rebrand and design many things such as a full furniture line, commercial spaces and residential properties. i am always dreaming of where and when my design will happen next. i am ready for my next great adventure and some new artistic inspiration. thank you for taking the time to look around. i am always looking for new creative partnerships. feel free to contact me.


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