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Mike Dirnberger
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In my work as a cinematic artist, I develop focusing on moments that bond these individuals together. In the realm of story I work at focusing not on the now of our reality, but rather, a finite setting of rules that bind the characters to their habits and life. There is no now because these are the figment of the imagination of the story and the audience. Giving subtle shifts in development I work at caressing emotion from the viewership by using lighting, sound, color, wardrobe, dialogue, and character traits. Moving the inner magic of the audience’s awareness beyond ordinary and into the unremarkably fantastical. In this, the characters grow within the parameters of the everyday, and become icons, carrying the weight of not only their actions, but those of all that they represent. These talismans of ideas, actions, social criticisms, and attributes of existence make my work relatable. In these contexts I aim for naturalism above the actions of the everyday. Not working at glorifying the ordinary, but rather attributing strength on the inner self of the characters. I give these individuals situations to handle and define them by their actions as one would be defined outside of film. I want to challenge the audience to understand and come to terms with ideas or conflicts that may be within themselves. In giving this experience of life and the shared story there is a bond that can mature between the screen and audience, here lies the spirit of my art, for the story and journey of the audience is carried past the screen and into their life outside.


Mike Dirnberger

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Thornton, Co


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