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New york criminal attorney Michael Spano, who's practicing in the areas of Syracuse and Central New York, considers his skills and knowledge in the prosecution table as on of the useful assets he got in making a strong and solid defense panel. He now channels his insight of being a prosecution attorney in his pursuit of defending criminally accused people. He has a 17 years worth of skills in his sleeves for his years of practice. Syracuse Internet Crime Defense Lawyer Spano has once been a member of the District Attorney's office of the Onondaga County. In 1998, he works as an Assistant District Attorney in the said office and handles felony cases. He was then promoted to a much higher rank of Chief Assistant District Attorney, and took charge of managing the Homicide Bureau. During this time, the Bureau had taken an active part in high profile cases that has been written in the Onondaga County history. This includes the conviction of the person responsible for setting the Syracuse's Temple Beth El which came to pass with a jury of a violent felony offense and gave a sentence of 25 prison years. Also, within his term, his office encountered the county's first hate Crime which took place in the year 2003. Upon the next year Atty. Spano had been successful in prosecution of a murder for hire case with a life sentence conviction for those proven guilty.


Michael Spano


304 South Franklin Street, Syracuse, NY 13202


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