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I used to think that life was all about success and finding your personalized grey cubicle in the enormous world of occupational lifestyles. What kind of a life is that? I have never wanted to simply drop off the face of the planet instantaneously. I wanted to be famous. And thus, in 7th grade, at the age of 12, I embarked on an epic journey to not only find myself, but also to find meaning in my life. Inspired by an out-of-the-box writing class, taught by an agnostic in a Catholic grade school, I knew it was time to start making changes. But I learned something very quickly; nobody takes a 7th grader seriously. This is when I became obsessed with overachieving. And thus my story begins. My parents claimed when I was a stroller roller that I would either become the President of the United States or a stripper. I am pleased to inform you, as well as my parents, that the latter has yet to be fulfilled and I appropriately would prefer to pursue the prior. However, I do not favor the political passions and will consequently avoid being recruited as President despite my obvious capacity to please all living things. I am over-involved. I adore making people happy and, while I could talk about my fabulousness for hours on end, I always put others before myself. I hope to one day change the world, although I am not sure how quite yet seeing as the position of President is out of the question. My favorite rhetorical devices are alliteration and satire (especially when employing sarcasm). I once attempted to use “cookitive” as a word in my college essay to explain that I am an ardent baker. Unfortunately, Merriam Webster decided to reject my ingenious declaration. I hope you one day think I am as funny as I know I am. I have too many thoughts to multitask and activate a filter. The mountains are my natural habitat but the city is where I thrive. I am involved in a love affair with the thesaurus. I make exceptionally serious moments severely lighthearted because they make me anxious. I am a passionate people person and live for “awkward turtle moments.” If by now you cannot decipher from my bio, I think that the greatest humor is that which involves the self and I frequently enjoy a lengthy chuckle with any person willing to gleefully giggle with me. It is certain that I will frighten you with my gregarious personality and my keen ability to laugh at inappropriate times. But I am Lindsey Mills, a self-proclaimed star. In an attempt to define myself, I would say that I am a work in progress. Progression is exactly what I wish to achieve in this massive undertaking called life. I am determined to take the next step in becoming a passionate intellectual in order to avoid the drab grey shanty of the business world’s cubicled workplace. I am a dedicated worker, motivated by my distinctive quest for both knowledge and personal growth. I no longer wish to be an ignorant imbecile floating along aimlessly in a world with bona fide potential and limitless possibilities. I do not want to be an ant roaming around the anthill with all the other ants doing the same thing every day losing myself in a colony of sameness. I desire contact, challenge, connections, and change in the years to come. Hopefully a desire that, when fulfilled, will enable and empower my inner-being. I want to be able to accept defeat while still persevering in my difficult endeavors. I hope to learn to accept that mistakes are made and that being wrong is not negative, it’s progress. I wish to find the means to be simultaneously creative, hilarious, and intellectual. I trust that by the end of my time here, my autobiography will not only have developed as a complete connection of the facets of my “self,” but also as a means by which people can truly understand the me that I am.


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