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Lauren Vieira
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I am an accomplished musician, wanting to explore new paths for my music. I am 21 years old, have played for 17 years, and have studied with various conservatories and colleges. I work at the School of Rock, located in central Denver. I teach piano/keyboard, as well as direct multi-student groups to perform cover shows in front of an audience. I write all forms of music, from classically-based pieces, to jazz, to rock/metal, to hip hop. I work well within criteria/boundaries, having written everything from short interludes to entire albums that need keyboards, all for other people's music. Any questions at all, please feel free to ask. I believe I could add a fresh and unique element to the services you, the reader, provide to your clients. As there is no way to upload sound clips onto this web site, allow me to direct you to my streaming music page, where you can also see feedback left by other users about my work. Lauren Vieira


Lauren Vieira

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Denver, CO


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