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Karen Pollack
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Since finding a job working as a producer has been quite difficult to find, I've decided to pursue other options. What I came to realize is one of the reasons I was a successful producer is my organizational skills and that will surely translate to other positions. I would absolutely consider myself the "Queen" of multi-tasking and organization! So here's the bulk of what you should know about me... - As you can see from my resume my background is in production. I have been working in the Denver area for over 20 years. - I'm absolutely real. Super energetic. Highly organized. And extremely detail oriented. - I am a very outgoing, enthusiastic person that gets along with all people and am willing to help out in any situation. No task is too small!! - Uber-organized would be an understatement where I'm concerned. One of my strongest assets is my organizational skills. - As the mother of two incredible teenagers (18 & 20) both in college, I've been rolling up my sleeves every day of their lives, multi-tasking, and getting what needs to be done, DONE! - Client relationships are very important to me. I pride myself in understanding and getting to know my clients. - I have excellent work ethics. My leadership abilities to work closely with staff, my focus to detail and an unfaltering commitment to seeing the job through, on time and getting it right are all aspects that I believe could be an asset to your company


Karen Pollack

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Denver, CO

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