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My name is Joshua Anstey, and I'm currently a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Up until now, I have studied in the fields of Advertising and Broadcast-Production. My passion is for telling stories that people want told, whether it is about a product's unique benefit or if it is about a small town's thriving past. The process from concept to finished product is the most exciting part of working in the creative field. From working with talented people developing concepts to organizing a team to execute them, through the creative grind and seeing the finished product in front of an audience or client is exactly what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. The last year for me has been exciting. In my adventures through the Advertising realm of the Journalism School, I have met many talented people who have inspired me to further develop into the professional I want to be. I have also been fortunate enough to make my own documentary short as well as being involved in a part of a short film produced by students in the film program on campus. Every day I look forward to new adventures and challenges, and hopefully someday we can work together.


Joshua Anstey

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Lincoln, NE


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