Jonathan Roseland

Jonathan Roseland
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THE INVENTOR OF THE MOST CLEVER COCKTAIL TOAST EVER, AMONG OTHER THINGS... Entrepreneur, Raconteur, Host of epic parties, Student of success, Marketer, Break dancer, An experiencer of some epic failures & successes, Swing dancer, a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, sweet talker, an urbanite, a hater of mindless TV shows, Adventurer, a fan of Peter Shiff, Broncos fan, Sales man(ager), Domainer, A.D.D kid, a very fashionable man, an intellectual Christian, Transhumanist, Damn good proposal writer, Reader of great books, Negotiator, Spanish speaker, Consultant, Web developer, Super geek, Socialite, chronic deal maker, Workaholic, Short guy


Jonathan Roseland

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Downtown Denver


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