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I have been in the design field professionally for 9 years and have worked on numerous projects for many clients in the freelance, athletics, and broadcast markets. During this time I have developed the following key skills and strengths: · The production of video and graphics for broadcast and for the web: I have been working in the broadcast side of sports for approximately six years; and during that time have maintained a constant flow of banner and page content for, produced webcasts for the University of Denver, and created and produced video, graphics and animations for Denver Pioneer Athletics. Prior to my time at the University of Denver, I produced the morning show daily news broadcast at NBC/Telemundo. · Management of production crews: Producing an event at the University of Denver requires at least ten crew members. I am responsible for managing these team members for many events, including training, coaching, and directing; ensuring efficient, effective, and safe operations. Clear Vision for Creative Work: Because of my experience with tough deadlines common in the production industry, I have developed the ability to be efficient, yet thorough. I keep my mind on the finished project and enjoy having a quality product as the result of my efforts. I have been active in the arts since childhood and always look forward to mastering the next challenge and learning new skills.


Joseph Moreno

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Denver, CO


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