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Jeffrey Vier
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Ad / Marketing / PR / Creative After spending the past year of my professional life in Manhattan working in the industry of Ad Buying, I've been able to take a closer look at where my interests and excitement in the media world truly lie. Working on sponsorships with Sears and Kmart and creating write-ups for new in-show ad buying opportunities sparked a excited interest in Marketing and all of the creative elements that going go into the development of the perfect model and mix. I have a great interest in both the nontraditional approaches to marketing / cross-marketing as well as the advances in digital and the targeting of redirected consumers via the internet. These are two aspects I find that work hand in hand and I would like to know and learn as much as possible about. Jeffrey Sherwood Vier 801 S. Vine St. Denver CO, 80209 (201) 575-3336


Jeffrey Vier

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Denver, CO


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