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An atypical creative and driven person with both left and right-brained strength. The passion I bring into the workplace on any given day exceeds what most human beings are capable of in any given week--especially when doing what I love--which happens to be everything that crafts a communication-highway to drive B2B and B2C relationships. After almost a decade of voice over and radio/television working as an entertainment talent and journalist I returned to obtain graduate studies in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising with Social Media. I am a seasoned spokesperson, writer and editor, educated in the latest multi-media to offer a leg-up on those still leaning upon the "old-fashioned way". With an intentional approach using the new PR 2.0 to include advertising, brand strategy, Web 2.0 digital and direct marketing strategy, media and relationship marketing have all been woven into my quilt of talents. Using my strong ability to exercise all of my creative muscles toward the new marketing paradigm that now is the norm, I apply social media expertise and a reputed high level to discern projects to manage with a high degree of sensitivity, I angle for every project I touch to attain an exciting new level of visibility.


Jami Michael

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