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Hey All! My name is Jaime and I have been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2009. I enjoy all types of design work..from making my own jewelry, sketching in my free time and working on my laptop at all hours of the night! I am passionate about design and always put my creative eye first, as to see that I am not surrounding myself with design disasters. Though I might admit I've been a victim to some of those design fails before! My true passion is painting and calligraphy. I love the fine arts, and use them for graphic design bases and stepping stones. I feel that my knowledge and passion for the fine arts puts me at a leaping advantage when it comes to design projects! I am open to all comments and suggestions! I also am available for any type of design work, I am a hard worker and can get the job done efficiently and effectively! Thanks for your time! email:


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Denver, CO


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