As an art director, I am involved in every step of a project. From conception to the finished product, I oversee the visual components of advertisements, social media, editorial pieces and promotional materials. Excellent creative work requires control over the details. I plan extensively beforehand with a multi-faceted approach to storyboarding, from the overarching concept down to a detailed set of shot lists, so time on set is maximized. This is imperative to increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost, but also sets us up to have the freedom to seize the inspiration that inevitably comes forth during the production. I collaborate with everyone so when shooting starts, they can focus more on capitalizing on that inspiration than working out any kinks. Anyone can handle the details, but knowing that the details exist to aid creative inspiration is what results in a client’s optimum satisfaction. The business side is as important to art direction as the creative and I work with a range of budgets to produce quality tailored results each time. I’ve also produced shoots in connection with brand liaisons for co-op advertising, another way to reduce costs at the benefit of the client and brand relationships. I also invite communication up to the level of coders, whom with we communicate a stronger sense of digital infusion into the work, like having rich data sets associated with images, empowering them to generate automated accurately targeted advertising. Collaborating with graphic designers and coders who can utilize the creative work to establish effective marketing campaigns is key to adding extra value to productions and the success of the client. @MrJadaml


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