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I was raised in Anchorage, Alaska where I was first exposed to the techniques and art of filmmaking.By high school I was sharing skills with others through teaching, and at the same time, creating industry-standard shorts. I later enrolled in programs at King Career Center, the highly acclaimed New York film Academy, the Art Institute of Seattle and the University of Washington. This eventually led to the creation of my award-winning video production company, Crooked Lake Productions. My work includes the production of numerous short films, commercials, viral marketing campaigns, non-profit charity spots and video game trailers. Clients have told me that I have a knack for telling stories and reflecting life’s emotions in an artistic manner. I deeply appreciate film as a visual art form. My own life experience has given me a unique perspective, and I draw upon it to create compelling films. I have been fortunate enough to have found Colorado, a photogenic landscape full of exteriors and natural backdrops. This setting inspires me to continue creating quality material that my community and industry can be proud of. Films get made through a community effort, and I thrive on social networking. A film needs a writer to give it a message, a cinematographer to imagine what it looks like, a director to pull it all together, a producer to provide the resources, and a crew to get’er done. Although I can write, edit, direct, and produce, I also know the value of searching for talent to enlist the help of other digital artists. The Colorado film and video industry provides an exceptional pool of talented, creative artists, and working with them has been energizing.


Henry Darrow McComas

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Denver, CO


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