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Professionally, I have found understanding and research yield powerful creative briefs that result in successful, profitable design stories. I have a strong belief in listening carefully to find the story that is worth telling whether visual or written. Over the past 16 years I have designed hundreds of building interiors, client profiles and marketing campaigns. Having a great story, telling it well and placing it in front of the right audience is the difference between success and failure. Whether writing proposals for commercial new construction projects or residential client profiles I have always respected the power of written communication. In 1999 when I founded Burandt Designs, House Calls a small a la carte interior design business for young professionals I found myself developing mission statements, contracts and brochures - communicating my brand and values to potential clients, vendors and contractors. I graduated magna cum laude this spring with a degree in design management. My focus has shifted from the artistic design details to the strategy and communicating the design ‘idea’. In 2010 my work with Art Director’s Club of Denver, Denver Aurora Visual Arts and Philosophy Communication garnered the Voter’s Choice Award at the 2010 ADCD Paper Fashion Show. During this same time I worked on the Clarion award winning “Uncover the Genius” campaign promoting Montessori Children’s House of Denver. My time at Philosophy was well spent discovering the latest means of communicating (social media, viral campaigning and the power of ‘link’). I was able to work on both traditional and digital media projects observing the value and power of each.


Greta Burandt

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