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The product of an artist & an engineer, I live somewhere deep in the crevasse between the right & left brain. Doodling, creating and storytelling are what get me out of bed each day, but it’s the strategy, the idea, and problem-solving that keep me up at night. Finding the balance between these two vast empires has become my goal, my passion, and where I tend to have the most fun. (So in business speak, I’m vastly creative and motivated, with a proven ability to solve complex problems and find new solutions that “wow” clients) In a nutshell, I’m a total design nerd with a strategy fetish. So, don’t find it strange if you see me doing mathematical calculations with a crayon. I’m a self-proclaimed people person who never meets a stranger, that is to say I enjoy the collaboration and input of others. I find that no matter who the person is, or where they come from, they will always provide a new perspective, and who knows, maybe the perfect solution. I truly enjoy paper, the smell of a print shop, a worn in pair of Converse, beautifully formed letters, spending time with my family, sarcasm, a challenge, and a really good beer. Currently living & working amongst the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, my journey has taken me across the South and into the Midwest. It has blessed me with the learnings of a three-man-shop, and allowed to glean all that I could from a couple über large marketing machines. I have succeeded in working within very small budgets, but also had the pleasure of spending millions overnight. After all of this, I’m ready to be challenged with something new, to dig in and begin to build. I’m looking for an opportunity to be surrounded by the unique and the daring, where talented people demand more and constantly push me further.


Andrew Geppelt

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Denver, CO


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