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Matt Angiono is an award-winning landscape/nature photographer with a true passion for finding that “epic light,” created only by the perfect combination of natural elements. His unique artistic vision, powered by his eye for detail, has led him to create hundreds of breathtaking images of Colorado and the surrounding Southwest. While attending the University of Colorado in 2006, he opened the doors to “Epic Light Photography,” dedicated to producing high quality images that could be printed on a very large scale (some prints go up to 60 inches across). Soon after, he graduated with a degree in General Physics, and applied this new knowledge to his photography, while transitioning his business into a full-time job. With a firm understanding in the characteristics of light and optics, Matt was able to recognize the true potential of his camera, and produce some very unique, yet captivating photography. A lot of the patterns and shapes seen in his imagery closely relate to mathematical yet natural equations and structures seen in his scientific background. A combination of extreme elements, such as wide angles, very long exposures, and creative lighting define him with a style unlike any other. More importantly, it his appreciation for natural beauty that allows him to see the world with a different eye, and capture details that most of us would otherwise miss. Matt continues to produce new high quality images every day, yet the style and feel of his imagery remains consistent. Come, take a look through Matt’s lens, and experience the light! Matt currently owns and operates Epic Light Photography, distributing his large canvas prints both through his website (, and at local art shows and galleries. Throughout the last two years, he has showed work at some of the most prestigious fine art festivals in Colorado, including Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Frisco, Vail, Denver, Boulder, and Golden. In March 2009, he was awarded first place in the Picture Perfect School of Photography’s “Jump” photo competition. His photo “Snow Leap” was published in the September/October 2009 issue of Digital Photo Magazine after receiving Grand Prize in the Great Escapes Photo Contest. His canvases are on display year-round at Galili Design Gallery in Breckenridge, CO, and at numerous showings throughout the Boulder/Denver area. Visit the website or email for more information.


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