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I am a quirky ,emotive, fast and creative editor that loves to play with fire (fire being awesome footage and great motion graphics). I am a self-trained Editor dedicated to the process of learning through real world experience and mastering all skills of my trade. I aim to tell stories through video. I have been in Jacksonville Florida for way to long and am looking to team up with idea makers, thought processors,those who see what I see. I feel that relocation is the only real way for me to unleash the creative bundled in my head. Now to the specifics. Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile, and I thank you for taking the time to peek at my resume and portfolio. Specialties: Final Cut Pro, Video Asset Management, After Affects, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Mpegstreamclip, Concept Creation, Workflow Management and Much, Much more


Eric Peck

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Jacksonville, FL


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