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I'm a recent graduate of Texas Tech University. I'm one of the crazy goons who decided to study advertising and I'm glad I made that blind decision when I was a lost 18 year old. I also got a minor in business just so I could file my own taxes when I'm older, jk. I've been told I could sell a Christmas sweater to a Jewish nudist more than one time. Therefore, I'm leaning toward advertsising sales or media buying. I love the strategic side of the ad business -account planning & research. That's not to outrule the creative side. I love creative concepting, but I'm not the greatest at designing, although I'm putting in late nights in order to get better. Hobbies are something I think define people, and therefore I am very passionate about mine. I breathe sports. Whether it be playing a pickup basketball game on my time off or staying up late watching a re-run of the 1982 Kentucky Derby (it was a great one), sports it a important part of my life I enjoy. I also love social media, taking awesome pictures on my phone, and competitive eating (not really, I'm a small fella). I'm excited to move to the Rocky Mountian region, and am doing so because I love the outdoors and want to see something beautiful everyday when I look around (Lubbock wasn't cutting it anymore). We'll see what life has in store for me and I'm ready to embark on this new chapter.


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