Drew Wilson

Drew Wilson
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Known to some as “Druchacho,” he's about as "Gringo" as any guy in his home town of Golden, Colorado, Although he’s also a fiery Hispanic market businessman, undeniably fluent in the Spanish language, Latin American culture as well as Hispanic media marketing strategy. It"s been rumored that Drew could take the Mayan calendar and make a media plan with it. He is a true Spanish-language television and Hispanic Marketing specialist with nearly a decade of negotiating spot TV in Denver and other top U.S. Hispanic markets, as well as a successful record of marketing a variety of products and service, including some pretty big brands to Hispanics in the US and abroad. He’s pro immigrant, pro Spanglish, pro Mexican soccer and pro Cajun food. "Druchacho” will gladly sit down with you anytime over crawfish etouffee to talk about the Chivas in Spanglish, especially if you need an experienced partner to market to Hispanics!


Drew Wilson

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Golden, CO


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