Desiree Riley

Desiree Riley
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Artist Statement: I am drawn to tattered edges, shadows of understanding. I am compelled to investigate with care and wonder, letting life and our perception thereof leave it’s imprint on me on me like light leaves an imprint on film and creates an image. I explore ideas of identity through different avenues and mediums: subculture, sexuality, personal relationships, and memory. I find joy and solace; catharsis, in the exploration of self and my surroundings and how those interact, letting these things seep out of my pores and capturing them with my lens, building them into the viewers surroundings. I am drawn to details, to the things that aren’t always seen by the casual observer. I try to dig deep into events and ideas, invade their space, look into the uncomfortable spaces and bring light to them. I try to capture intimate moments: the private, the awkward, the painful, the absolute joy, the mundane, the real. I believe there is beauty in truth, but there are many truths. I can only tell my truth and in doing so hope that I can produce work that visually fills these empty spaces in our mutual human experiences. I am a 30 year old photographer who has a passion for documentary work and large scale staged production photography living in Kansas City, MO. Looking to travel, ready for adventure.


Desiree Riley

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Kansas City, MO


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