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I’m a photographer first and a digital artist since Photoshop 1.0. Living in Los Angeles I worked on Yamaha, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, CBS Records, and Coca-Cola projects… I eventually got sick of actors and moved to New York for a new dose of competition. While there I was able to not only learn 3D animation but worked for Texaco, Porsche, WSJ… I learned retouching from some very creative people and produced my finished work in a pre-press company in Manhattan. I began the photo studio in a box concept using Unix and Mac software, film and digital photography, Quantel and SGI level retouching tools, and my connections in New York. Since then I’ve lived in Tokyo where I worked for Alias/Wavefront, KOEI Games, and BBDO. I developed online marketing strategy for Smart Car and Toyota, and learned Japanese. I am now in Denver with my family. Have a look at my site at . Or take a look at my LinkedIn profile at I am also a trainer going against the grain with athletic training for competitive business people, 14’er climbers, endurance athletes, marathon trainees, martial artists, and anyone else who wants the best athletic training in Denver without the reckless competition found in most CrossFit gyms. I teach, coach, and mastermind a guided, accountable, habit changing program for anyone with a goal.


Dan Raabe

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Denver, Colorado


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