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[ Let my work speak for itself at ] The way I see it is this: people need to wake up. Graphic design is a critical key in accomplishing the attention grabbing of the masses. I thrive in coming up with new, dynamic ideas and eye-catching artistic elements with the purpose of waking people up in the chaotic, time constrained society we live in. My resourceful, eclectic nature also allows me to create freely, without limits. My niche is combining hand-made elements with the digital elements to savor the priceless nature of fine art. Typography is definitely my expertise, however. Like a yin-yang, I am very balanced. I possess both organizational skills and creative ability which allows me to come up with ideas quickly, but with purpose and quality. My balanced nature also allows me stay focused while multi-tasking. Further, I am inspired by the ideas of others and enjoy working with a team. I love working in environments that challenge me to think critically about design. The status quo is boring. I want to work to develop new techniques and styles to really capture the attention of the public.


Courtney Hilow

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Denver, CO


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