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My name is Conor Tewell, I am a visual Artist from Denver, Colorado USA where I currently create, and reside. I love art, without art life would be very plain yogurt, and with art life is all strawberry kiwi or some other tasty flavour you love. I create large scale works of visual art that range from photorealism images to abstract expression and also a combination of the two. My painted works are always done in acrylics and I have also created works in collage and mosaic. All of my work is done on stretched gallery canvas or gallery hardboard. A majority of my art contains a Women’s face as the focal point which I paint from different photographs. I often begin by painting a few detailed elements of the face from within the photograph, then I let my imagination and energy take over to create abstract and representational shapes that compliment the facial image. My artwork is made with the consideration that people will consume it with their eyes, so naturally I am trying to create art that will stimulate the viewer’s eyes which I believe is something that is beautiful. There is much hate and evil in our world today, but it is such a wonderful time to be alive. I hope to live my life and create art that will leave this world a little better off than I found it. Kisses to all you beautiful people


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Denver CO 80205


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