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I'm a whirlwind, a powerhouse jam packed with ideas. The nooks and crannies of my brain feel as stuffed as J.Lo's butt in a size 0 pair of skinny jeans. Crammed, to say the least. I travel, I write, I'm active, I talk, I greet, I work hard, I love, I read, I observe and I live in the big city of San Francisco; one the best places to do all of that. What's a girl to do with so many ideas? Make ads, of course. So that's what I do. I design unique and new ideas for people to get interested or involved in. I'm better at it than keeping my pet goldfish alive, that's for sure. I'm dedicated, inventive, passionate, timely, crazy but not psycho, and easy to get along with. I refuse to be an office drone unless it's for a good cause or I'm working for a company I admire.



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Minneapolis, MN


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