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As the Senior Producer/Editor for the City of Chicago, I specialize in turning ideas into dynamic visual content. Working under the supervision of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Press Office, it is my responsibility to create high quality video projects that support various city departments and agencies in their marketing, communications and training goals. Working with minimal direction, I have a proven track record in taking abstract ideas and initiatives, as well as complex policy issues, and producing compelling video segments that clearly communicate key themes and concepts. I’ve acquire considerable project management skills along with the ability to communicate effectively with clients from many different professions. My experience in the field, studio, and edit suite has given me a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the production process and I have demonstrated ability in leading multiple, concurrent projects from inception to development, onto completion. The final cuts are achieved on time, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and creativity. I believe that producing compelling, didactic video is truly an art. I’ve worked extremely hard over the course of my career to acquire the skills and experience necessary to effectively serve the production needs of whatever clients I'm working for. However, looking back, it didn’t seem like work at all as I’ve loved every minute of it.


Casey Clark

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