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There is nothing like the fresh mountain air to bring you clarity - clarity to truly appreciate everything that Colorado has to offer. Having lived several places on the east coast, not a day goes by without something to remind me just how fortunate I am to live in Denver, Colorado. Inspiration surrounds us - the city is at our fingertips with endless opportunity to experience arts and culture, music, sports, nightlife, and just about anything you can imagine. Living in a city situated right at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, I wouldn't be much of a Coloradan if I didn't take advantage of the nature right at my doorstep - hiking, biking, running, snowshoeing, and tubing...I never take for granted living in one of the best places in the country. All that clarity can't help but to get the gears turning, inspiring simple, yet intellectual and conceptual design. Design driven by passion, insight, and strategy, starting with a little research before the actual creative design work begins. Research is the necessary nitty-gritty behind the design, but thorough research will often lead you to places you never would have gone otherwise. I have no problem picking up a brand and "rolling with it," or brainstorming whole new concepts. Bring on the challenge! My portfolio showcases packaging projects, brand development campaigns, illustration, editorial, music posters, and even complete wedding design packages.


Caitlin McKernan

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Denver, CO


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