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Brian Taylor is a multi talented freerunner from Denver, Colorado. He has spent his entire life picking up one skill after another. There have been few challenges in life this 36 year old artist have ever backed down from. At the age of 15, after what had already been a hard life, this youngster set out on his own in a quest to find peace of mind and skill beyond measure, and he's done far more than that. Almost 2 decades later, Brian has accomplished many things with what he considers to be a "precious life". "I have learned to do soooooo much" says Brian. "I am a Martial Artist, Dancer, B-Boy, Freerunner, Poet, Teacher, Artist, Videographer, Designer, Animator, Cook, Philosopher, Photographer, Illustrator,.....and that's just the beginning.". Brian has spent the past seven years refining his freerunning skills and developing a style that is unique to him alone. "This is just how I move" he says. "When who you are on the inside, and everything you have been through begins to influence the way YOU MOVE, thats when you REALLY begin to develop your own style." Twisting and turning, in, out, over and around are just a few of the words you could use to describe his dramatic style. It is apparent in the first few minutes of watching this unique athlete that his heavy dance background influences his special style of movement. Brian is also a natural born teacher. He has a uncanny talent for breaking down a movement or concept to its purist form and then putting it into easily digestible idea for all to understand. "Learning should be a pleasure, not a chore...." he says "...and those that posses the knowledge should be eager to pass it along. I know not everybody likes to teach, but to be greedy with knowledge is just down right evil!!!!"


Brian Taylor

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